I’m not writing this because I think I’m better-informed, better at communications, or just better than you. I’m not writing this to share ad space, promote myself or frantically grab your attention while milking every last cent of it. I’m writing this because I am in my 20s, and I’m looking around to find a peer who is talking about what is really happening, not just here but all over….and I can’t.

Do you know what extraordinary rendition is, and how the U.S. legally gets away with torture? What about how sex trafficking is the world’s second largest criminal enterprise after drugs? Do you know that cancer victims who rely upon state-approved medical marijuana clinics might have their supply abruptly and dangerously cut off at any time by the federal government? Do you know that children with mental and emotional issues are expelled from the foster care system at age 18, whether or not they are ready or can stand on their own? Do you know that more people voted for American Idol than for our U.S. President?

More importantly, do you care?

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