A battered housewife world
unable to walk away from
the abusive exes

their Divine roll call
Paparazzi bright

Many would point to War
Womb-twin of Fear
As the chief of the exes
His fire soot grin
battle ash bedroom eyes
Scorch skips from continent to
Metallic frenzy
Ammo drum clash attack

He is but a servant

Next, then, must be
5 o’clock shadow Villain
Immaculate corporate tendrils
twitch under careless lapels
itching for the moment to
slip seep into your sockets
Stock loaded faceless McMansionites
(sur)Real Housewives of Plastic County

He is but a servant

History, of course
Nude Lipstick matron
False cognate of Education
Crank-churn tour guide
For willful ancestors
Her lovers Conquer, Curiosity and Lust
whelped and wallowed
In iron blood gold life
Proud Mother of Collateral Damage
Close cousin to War
Mirror Model

She is but a servant

She joins her fellow Exes
In their Hall of Infamy
They, who bow to no one
Incline their heads

Do Not Look At The One Behind The Curtain
(as they stream current events in HD)

global sin soaked Laundry list
Touchsceen cultural self-destruct
selfish ladder wreck power climbing
Commercial waving manicure hands
number/stats crunching socially hardwired
protein shake evolution into Alphas
smugly Publicist-approved Samaritans

We are the common thread.

Simon says repeat

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