They are watching me.

released from my cage

blackened fingernails reach for a dullbright sun
terrified pinkies curl around like question marks
rusty with abandoned hopes

Hands unsure how to survive
how to be touched
useless now.

barred teeth bloody tongue
helpless sentries
against the Words
bursting through flesh
like overripe pears

scared alone confused open
reaching too quickly
wanting too badly

Gloating eyeballs revel in
flaying the surface
sand soaked skin

not all

some sympathetic pupils wink
flashes of caring strafe the gray
stale stark madness

Words caught like broken waltzes on my lips
swirling and choking
pieces falling
carefree crashing into each other

take me away
swan dive into blinding oblivion
gun shy loneliness calls

my opponents crawling embrace

daggered touches slip past
peppering the night with apocalyptic sparks
woven out of faltering heartbeats
I cradle the left-behind


escape me
snarling liberators
sneering deputies of a charred justice system

They bind and destroy
make bare my half-bitten prophecies of a future
the revolution
that condemned me

The mob smiles
and duck their heads
ignoring the reflective gleam of the broken gladiator

Safe in their arena stands
mud-wallowing in joy savage discord
eyeing the spectacle

as I lay unveiled


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