skyline Reversed

The American Dream
with a used-car salesman grin
through commercials
for your convenience.

(it reassures you)

Take The Easy Way

use your touchscreen
instead of touch

adjust the volume
on your 2.0 noise canceling headset
optimized to block

shallow-eyed dull cries
of misery swollen bellies
(they only bother making sound
because they’re still children
they don’t know
nobody’s listening)

sudden whooshing silence
of a family who just lost everything
greedy hum of cash soaked pens
writing away on bottom lines
sealing the indentured servitude
of the marginalized everyman

Pandora is much more pleasant.

there is no need for trees
when we have 3D HD PSP X
Cut vivid focus

Passion-babbling doomsday prophets
neck-wrenched veins
erupting with ecstatic knowledge
cardboard sign-wearing hobos
on soiled street corners

easily ignored

but they just got their dates wrong
threadbare wires crossed

if they consulted their Tablets
Suri would tell them

we are post-apocalypse

it already infiltrated our social consciousness
The American Dream in Disguise
revealing glint-shark eyes
above a bespoke Hollywood grin
purchased by its sweating Agent (of) Chaos
stock ticker pulsing

they watch through
custom tinted windows as

faces become numbers
victims become statistics
natural disasters
become campaign fodder
babies go from
to processes.

Is this the world we created?


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