Hand open/closed
Squeeze the roaring colors
Out of a corrupt smeared skyPhoto taken by Brandon Ladd

You explain
That we must work,
That without suffering
Success is unsweetened.

Then why
Do you wrap me in these
suffocating silks of obligation?
Demand to see a visa for entry
Although I can’t get a visa
Without entering.

Do you set us up to fail
Then ignore us as we drown?
Send remorseless agents of debt
who see us as pros/cons,
assets and mistakes

place an intellectual tax
so there’s no copyright infringement
with the real power players
and distract
our would-be-supporters
with fuzzy kittens

Knowing they’re so much cuter
and easier to save.

“It’s your generation’s fault.”
I’m politely informed
As you cue the appropriate
Powerpoint of failure,
lecturing me about
Taking Responsibility
as you bind my hands.


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