How long until wishing wells are faded
And gloriously entrenched in cracked cultures?
The seams of which have been melded
Cohesively together in the name of progress.

What, really are we losing?

In one moment, a thousand
Suspended crossings of wants
Intersect with needs consequences realities
Stats and hopes and demands and prayers

Now those slippery striating ideas
Were previously released joyously
Shining and untamed,
They always used to wriggle out of reach
While you secretly hoped that somewhere

A wand would wave
A number will be called
A great love will be born
The crescendo of music swells

In a dreamscape outside time
that is slowly dying.

Where Fairy tales aren’t manufactured
By politically correct committees
Now, some voices protest
The erosion of wonder

Do we live in an age without sages?


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