Dedicated to my mother’s best friend who is battling cancer and remaining just as lovely in body, soul and mind as she has always been. This is for you Lisa, and the countless, irreplaceable & strong women in the world.

You are

Never alone

Your soul smile


ablaze with buttery warm


Always flowing

in perfect harmony

with the universe

You are not

One who fades into darkness.

You are

a Giver

illuminating the paths

many choose to ignore

your unforgettable footsteps

scatter joy, love and compassion

with every radiant heartbeat

You are

So much more

Than a strong woman

You are

a mother, a caretaker

A slice of Gaiea herself,

Incandescent, you are

Unafraid and glorious

May the beacon of your spirit

Never falter

And may you never forget

That in Pandora’s endless

Box of sins

You are

Our Hope.


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