sing to me O muse

how to control a life

that seems to be spun

from a freefall of variables?

I am in desperate search

of constants

Sick of these tinted glass towers

loaded sultry & forced glamour

Never did I imagine

that the welcoming inn of stability,

with its blazing hearth, consolation and simplicity

its joy born out of simple knowing,

would grow to be

far more desirable.

I am a bald Rapunzel

whose feet need nothing more

than to touch the unbroken ground

3 thoughts on “Freefall

  1. you have a remarkable ability to capture human tenderness with a phrase, human vulnerability with a line. lovely verse. Tony

  2. Exact comprehension! Alas, truth be told.Hang on, I know an unbroken ground….you will see+ feel. Come to the land of double rainbows!

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