Whenever I feel charmless and alone

a soul cripple, or just another on the fringe.

beams start to chisel sneak through easily hard-won cracks

cording through mayhem & majesty

illuminating rays of the infinite web & weave,

everything from leviathan twines to the most invisible of threads

image made by NakshatraNights

image made by NakshatraNights

the brilliant burgundy cursive underscoring the

unthinking kind words effortlessly offered by a stranger

the deep, unfettered scarlet winging upwards

of a rare smile from my hurt Gaiea mother

the punky, oddly endearing orange of

an unforced I love you from an angsty teenage sibling

the sunstruck yellow tracing a nautilus curve around the

solidarity supernova of friendships old, new & yet to come.

Solemn emeralds, fluttery unamused pinks, glorious cobalt hues of possibilities

ebb & flux across a path too infinite for us to begin to comprehend

Yet we are still lucky enough to feel its ties

and let ourselves be woven together in the most

bloodthirsty strange noble timeless beautiful patterns


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