Unbroken Bones

a candied misnomer

laden with false saturated sweetness

they are paintraders

merchants of malady

swapping out the boulder crushing you

with an easy smile

displaying relief with an open palm

so you

don’t realize the other fist

is closed and hidden

until the next day

when the shoe drops

+ the pain returns, ecstatic

wearing a different face, a different mask, a different cloak

knocking at different doors

but not gone, never gone

how can you kill something that is immortal?

all you can do is endure

ignore the grin gleaming promises of

chemical cash-soaked gurus

+ decide how much you will let

it define you

3 thoughts on “Pills

  1. Wow.. you really nailed this one.. the dichotomy of pain vs painkillers.. we seeks so much redemption in them, but they change us, remake us and we have to decide if it is worth it to be pain-free… lovely words, beautifully penned! BTW, this is Ravyne Hawke from LinkIn 🙂

    • My apologies I thought I responded to this a long time ago! I enjoyed your words on LinkedIn Rayne, and I look forward to reading more of them on your blog! Also, thanks for what you said, always wonderful to hear praise from an artist!

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