Professional Portfolio

My website is currently under construction, so for now I’ve decided to combine personal and professional and host my entire portfolio here on my blog! Please bear with me until I get my real website up and running, will be sure to keep everyone posted. 


With a highly diversified career history, I’ve blended marketing and media with a love of networking and community. My unconventional career path includes print & digital marketing for various agencies, freelance writing, production for an Emmy-winning adventure/travel and culture show on ABC, learning the value of diplomacy in Yale’s PR office, and more.

My professional portfolio covers work performed for a broad spectrum of industries, media partners and clients: HarperCollins, ABC, Litton, National Geographic, Rive Gauche, Getty Images, Huffington Post, Eddie Bauer, Compass Travel, Abercrombie & Kent, Heineken, Pernod Ricard, Pasternak and more.

As a teenager, an amazing professor and an influential panel at a seminar in NYC my freshman year led me to become a peer editor for HarperCollins “HipLit” program as well as a trendspotter for Buzz Marketing. I think I knew even back then I’d follow a pretty unconventional career path.

Now, thanks to my highly influential multicultural heritage, plus multiple years working and living abroad, I’ve been lucky enough to learn from richly diverse settings, largely as a consultant. I have a bachelor’s degree in World Politics, and roots in activism, non-profits and volunteering.

This website is my portfolio, my refuge, my identity split up into a million little pieces and shared with the world. No matter who you or what you wish to say, I always welcome feedback and connections. After all, isn’t that the whole point of this thing called the World Wide Web?

Fields of Experience:

  • Marketing (Digital, Print, 360)
  • Branding
  • Project Management (In-house, Agency, Temp & Consulting
  • Public Relations
  • Broadcast Media (Television, Video Production)
  • Social Media
  • Writing (Technical, Scriptwriting, Creative, Ghostwriting, Press Releases & more)
  • Events Management & Coordination
  • Food Service & Hospitality
  • Sales
  • Travel
  • Education (Coaching, Tutoring, Teaching ESL)

Skills & Services:

  • Multilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish, conversant in Hebrew and Mandarin
  • Programs & Platforms Expertise: Dropbox, Hootsuite, Alexa, Constant Contact, Google series, Microsoft Works, Basecamp, Asana, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Variety of Environments: small startups and powerhouse organizations, B2B and B2C experience, Client-facing and behind the scenes both
  • Databasing & Analytics: specialty in Social Media analytics & SEO
  • Budgeting & Taking Inventory: capable of managing projects with large budgets, hitting all benchmarks on schedule and in constant communication with client
  • Writing & Editing: Blogs (curated content; SEO optimized), Promotional Print (brochures, banners, promotional signage), Press Releases, Broadcast Media, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Technical Writing, Poetry & Creative Writing
  • International Logistics: create & follow through original travel itineraries with booking, budget & on-the-ground contacts
  • Promotional Marketing: Drafting proposals and PowerPoints, managing e-mail campaigns, creating Brandbooks
  • Video Production: Logging, screenwriting, storyboarding, interviewing, production and direction; from pre-production through post-production
  • Website: oversee content creation, design and structure from start to finish; budget & project manage accordingly
  • Managing Events, Pop-Ups & Activations: everything from small & intimate groups to upscale VIP gatherings, over 10 years of experience in top restaurants throughout the Northeast offers a unique perspective

Connect with me:

LinkedIn: Nicole Edry Profile

Twitter: @NicoleEdry



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