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Dedicated to my mind-bogglingly amazing friends

Who have stood by me through it all

I love you endlessly

When did we move

through just known

into ever known?

can i cherry pick

the thoughtbeat


i looked at you

you looked at me

and we became more

than just two people

we became a purpose

a power

a promise

that your back

would never be unguarded

that you don’t have to pretend

to be someone else

that adversity will never

drive me away

we both know that

spite-soaked barbs

brain-flayed outrage

heartbreak hatreds

will always

haunt the world’s footprints

forcing even you to falter

but i will be there

my shoulder braces yours

my smile reminds you of your own

my hand keeps yours level

i am your souldier

as you are mine



where there is darkness, you seek hope

where there is division, you spark unity

where there is pain, you share strength

you may be an inspiration to others

but that doesn’t neon blaze from your forehead

it’s not a badge you can flash merrily

or a “get out of jail free” card to chase away demons

sometimes you can’t look your reflection in the eyes

sometimes you despair of ever being a whole self,

of ever being more than a fragmented series of shatter shard moments

sometimes, it feels like you’re drowning in a riot of unsteady emotions

so when you forget

when you’ve lost sight of

your many splendored shades + shadows

radiating through with each blink

i will walk alongside

and remind you

10 Seconds

For Lucy & Cory

Lucy & Cors Wedding 2

I met you in a strange land

Full of fireworks, bing long and awed faces

Thrown together, our sanctuary grew

An island of foreigners in a sea of locals

We could easily have become friends

Conveniently losing touch when we returned

To our western reality

Instead, we chose to become family

Playing Phase 10 on your porch

— Not at all competitively, of course —

While peeking through laundry to people watch

Singing 1950s ballads with befriended gangsters

Crying, laughing, cheering, hurting, hoping

Occasionally choking on the smell of stinky tofu

I remember sitting on your bed

One lazy afternoon

Watching you sort through your collection

Of definitely-legal DVDs

While also sweeping the floor

You exchanged glances briefly

Then went back to your respective duties

You weren’t even near each other

But the love expressed in that 10 seconds

Was more palpable,

More potent

Than anything from legend or the silver screen

In such a quiet moment

I witnessed soulmates



a blanket of hurry

muffles the impatient horde

coloring the sidewalk

with a reverse rainbow of humanity

intimate strangers

breathing the same air

searching for spectacles

lost in a million million thoughts

a panoply of psyches

people at their worst,

unkind, self-involved, abrupt


groping hands reach for benediction

averted eyes pretend not to see

those tarnished by the brush of “not enough”

but also the quiet moments of kindness

that have redeemed us since

before we could walk, grunting politely

at others in nearby caves

millenia later, we still strive for refuge

seeking sanctuary among the teeming masses

the blissful solace of losing yourself

in a sea of people

the wonder of crossing eyes,

skimming through briefly bare surfaces

more than connection

joined vulnerabilities

with someone you may never see again,

and can be utterly free with

*Image courtesy of this amazing new artist and blogger I just discovered:


unnamed-5 2

different possibilities

laugh + skip across yellow brick roads

creating forever memories

with a thousand thousand

stripped down nows

seeds of unhatched dreams

nearly seeds

nudge for change,

slowly percolating between heartbeats.

i can feel their maybe roots

buried deep down in the

nooks + crannies of knees,

unruffled + exquisitely expectant

waiting to guide curious feet

to an unknown destination

such a brief, sublime beginning

to ripple through me, far beyond me

into the universe

helping the world spin

into a next chapter of questions

as bold new words dance across the stars



too many words

spill across the air

none of them truly mine

your eyes are far away

the past brands bridges

between perhaps pupils

the lonely power of names

struggle to bind us

their inflatable fortresses

seemingly impenetrable

yet also convenient pawns

to be sacrificed

its easy for humans to forget

skin stripped we’re nothing but

hyper realized animals

cloaked in socially endorsed armor

if the needs of the many

outweigh the few

and individuality

is both loathed + lauded

are we now just

a series of ones?



until it all fades

we shall burn our names

into the stars

history lives in us

in leaves and deeds and screams

we are part of a greater story

though we can only see

our chapter

true, sometimes the magic ebbs

twitching words slip restless +

uneasy from loose lips

obstacles lumber lock into place

when you’re the hero

there are no capes, claps or guarantees

just love, pain and bloody kneecaps

but our tiny petty thoughts

our soulstained hopes

our arrogantly beautiful yearnings

to stretch fingertips towards the moon

still count

still mean something

still join

the endless fantastical reality

of the universe

Dedicated to the memory of 9/11 and all those who suffered, never forget. 



what makes us

a success?

do you measure

your life accomplishments

in milestones



or dollars?

not like the fabled

bone stone conquerors of old

claiming tracks of terra

+ pinning them to a name

–today’s territories

are measured in

bills, bears + bulls–

but a true, honest winner,

a champion of life.


if i extend a hand

+ find another

reaching back

then i am whole

i am one of we

+ nothing can break me


What am I to you?

a stranger.

a dreamer.

a  curiosity.

Somebody worthy of your time,

or just another shuffled off to the margins.

we never think twice about

those we walk amongst.

we never stop to celebrate each other,

not for any special occasion,

but because of our beautiful potential.

I don’t know you

but I could.


Whenever I feel charmless and alone

a soul cripple, or just another on the fringe.

beams start to chisel sneak through easily hard-won cracks

cording through mayhem & majesty

illuminating rays of the infinite web & weave,

everything from leviathan twines to the most invisible of threads

image made by NakshatraNights

image made by NakshatraNights

the brilliant burgundy cursive underscoring the

unthinking kind words effortlessly offered by a stranger

the deep, unfettered scarlet winging upwards

of a rare smile from my hurt Gaiea mother

the punky, oddly endearing orange of

an unforced I love you from an angsty teenage sibling

the sunstruck yellow tracing a nautilus curve around the

solidarity supernova of friendships old, new & yet to come.

Solemn emeralds, fluttery unamused pinks, glorious cobalt hues of possibilities

ebb & flux across a path too infinite for us to begin to comprehend

Yet we are still lucky enough to feel its ties

and let ourselves be woven together in the most

bloodthirsty strange noble timeless beautiful patterns

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