Childhood fragments curl in

abrazando el día cuando

you first graced the earth.

Ya me acuerdo

your love-cracked voz

cantando un weary lullaby.

Envuelto en slow-coaxed syllables,

the universe shadow hums along,

it’s dappled verde melodía fortalezando

el voz de un creador, siempre

seamed with holes and hope.

El mundo shimmers in surety,

as I feel mis raíces subiendo

los murmullos de mis antepasados

cruzando entre

your nightingale words.

la mano, tender and worn,

rests on my forehead

en la bendición de las madres.

mi alma siempre lleva

part of yours, mamá

y por eso

I am grateful.


10 Seconds

For Lucy & Cory

Lucy & Cors Wedding 2

I met you in a strange land

Full of fireworks, bing long and awed faces

Thrown together, our sanctuary grew

An island of foreigners in a sea of locals

We could easily have become friends

Conveniently losing touch when we returned

To our western reality

Instead, we chose to become family

Playing Phase 10 on your porch

— Not at all competitively, of course —

While peeking through laundry to people watch

Singing 1950s ballads with befriended gangsters

Crying, laughing, cheering, hurting, hoping

Occasionally choking on the smell of stinky tofu

I remember sitting on your bed

One lazy afternoon

Watching you sort through your collection

Of definitely-legal DVDs

While also sweeping the floor

You exchanged glances briefly

Then went back to your respective duties

You weren’t even near each other

But the love expressed in that 10 seconds

Was more palpable,

More potent

Than anything from legend or the silver screen

In such a quiet moment

I witnessed soulmates



the broken days

we all dread them.

on an oversalted afternoon,

the wheel spins + another

pain-leashed leviathan

weighs anchor in an unlucky soul.

sometimes we just borrow them

then step right back into the sun

others hang in our heart,

like Hamlet’s crooked star,

turning every bend in the road

into a promise, then a question,

and finally, a shrug.

and yet,

your humanity is what makes you beautiful

your mortality is what lets you feel so fiercely

your conscience can still change the world

don’t let nature’s pencil trace

bitter furrowed eyebrows + wasted moments

upon age softened skin

instead, simply revel in the fact that

you are loved


Dedicated to my Tía, and the almost absurd amount of strong, courageous, powerful, kind and wonderful women in my life. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be who I am without you! 


It hasn’t always

been easy between us

There have been

as many fights as good memories

we’ve been worlds apart

and long, hollow silent


but when I close my eyes & hum

to the opening strains of

‘wish you were here’

Taste the salt air on my face

as it beckons me to dive in the water

laugh way too hard at the

timeless antics of Peter Sellers

or take a road less traveled

that I may have otherwise missed


It’s because of you.

I’m my own person

But in your way,

you helped to shape who I am,

and for that,

I could never thank you enough.

I love you, Aba. 


Whenever I feel charmless and alone

a soul cripple, or just another on the fringe.

beams start to chisel sneak through easily hard-won cracks

cording through mayhem & majesty

illuminating rays of the infinite web & weave,

everything from leviathan twines to the most invisible of threads

image made by NakshatraNights

image made by NakshatraNights

the brilliant burgundy cursive underscoring the

unthinking kind words effortlessly offered by a stranger

the deep, unfettered scarlet winging upwards

of a rare smile from my hurt Gaiea mother

the punky, oddly endearing orange of

an unforced I love you from an angsty teenage sibling

the sunstruck yellow tracing a nautilus curve around the

solidarity supernova of friendships old, new & yet to come.

Solemn emeralds, fluttery unamused pinks, glorious cobalt hues of possibilities

ebb & flux across a path too infinite for us to begin to comprehend

Yet we are still lucky enough to feel its ties

and let ourselves be woven together in the most

bloodthirsty strange noble timeless beautiful patterns

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