towers, forts, pillars

we took refuge in our

symbols of strength

money and might

two of our favorite keys

draped across the mantle of the world

until the day came

when lives slipped away

like too-fine sand

our symbols stripped bare

and burned from the inside

grief-spilled faces

could only watch in disbelief

a planet stutter-stops


fear & hate

are met with honor & love

and yet

the horror remains

a subdued scar

scraping at the surface of civility

reminding us all

that nothing is invulnerable

so everything should be cherished

Image Credit: Culture Travel Reflections

Dedicated to all heroes, humans and hearts

so gracelessly ripped away

on this most tragic of days

Never forget




although you may have been

taken too soon

by the master of mortality

who ultimately unites us all

with our loss comes a blessing

we can still keep close

a million memories of you

the unvarnished grace

of your survivor smile

the infectious bubble

of your laughter spilling over

to splash + charm everyone nearby

the dancing fingers sketching

thrilling cursive loops of

your latest dreams onto the sky

the haunting gaze of your

mama bear mother’s eyes

the unique, charisma-churning drive

that propelled you to endless new heights

love wasn’t just in your name

it was in everything you gave

it was all of you

Dedicated to Lisa Love, RIP


the earth still moves

the ground somehow still stands firm

the trees still whisper

the lovers still clutch

my shadow stands solo


hard ridged&newly incomplete

the world purls&folds around me

diminishing to the gossipy buzz of ignorant bees

but all i can see

are grooves in the dust

tiretread memories

etching our past

slum scribing our battles

our sorrows

our joy


i will never forget you

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