i thought it would feel



it’s a far away

wonky weird amber

pulsing slowly against

sudden sweet goosebumps

as painful as they are pure

these noble sentinels



reaching out to touch

this curious new feeling

settling comfortably

inside my mind

nudging aside scars

most only half-healed

mouths agape,

they retreat with deferential nods

+ make room for the

mysteriously edged

awe-inspiring newcomer




after millions of minutes


soul sleeping

both rapunzel + rip van winkle

yearning for escape

trapped between skeletal bars

now when i stretch

fingertips for the sun

i can feel their shine

+ not the shadow they cast



Bared barren fingers

of skeleton trees

pull close the fickle cloak of nature,

woven from winter’s white dreaming dust.

stretching longingly towards

the setting sun,

vulnerable, outcast,

penniless patron of the in-between.

anticipating the birth of spring

+ mourning the death of fall

now, it’s leaves are all gone,

leaving behind a

blushing brown limb,

ashamed of it’s nakedness.

stripped stark + somehow forlorn,

the perfect poster child for nostalgia:

a tree in winter, caught between worlds,

is somehow the most beautiful of all












untethered leaves


with all the shades of sunset

dance across the breeze,

not caring about yesterday

or tomorrow.

frictionless fluttering messengers

winking me closer

with effortless freedom

+ the heady haunting beauty

of their gloriously doomed flight,

swinging each other around

in nature’s oldest waltz

whirling + curling close

to whisper slip

a shivering copper taste of change

onto our tongues,

signaling another season

of life + death

love + tragedy

remembrance + renewal

 fragile newborn questions with

ochre spotted stems

lazily twirl fingers

through my hair

will i take the

ripe cycle challenge

our earth offers,

let myself go

close my eyes

+ wander in the wind?

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